Office 365 Planned Service Changes for August 2019

The goal of this post is to compile all publicly announced Office 365 service changes per month in 2019, especially those that may require admin action. These changes are listed below in chronological order, based on the “Action Required” or “Effective” date. Additional information and resources related to these changes are provided where applicable. Updates will be made to this post as new service changes are announced, or updates to announced changes are provided.

Note: All changes may not have been communicated to your tenant / environment.

New Feature: Send feedback to Microsoft Teams

Action Required By: August 2019

Details: Users will have an option to send feedback to Microsoft via this new feature in Microsoft Teams. This new feature will be available under “Help > Give feedback”.

This feature will gradually roll out starting in early August, and will be completed by the end of August.

If you prefer that users not have the ability to provide feedback to Microsoft, this feature can be disabled via policy settings. Please review the link under Additional Information for more details.

Additional Information: Manage feedback policies in Teams

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